•   March 20, 2010 This is the start of the “Spacious Brass”. After receiving support and support from a landowner, Saulius Trepekūnas, who lives in Norway, has taken musical activities. The first winter, cold, does not heat the House of Paradise Cultures, settling in the oven, the room, the hands and the fart. Because there was one goal to play, play … After…



  • Linga is a Latvian rock band whose lead singer is Gvido Linga . Group in December 1988 founded the former group “Zig Zag” leader Gvido Linga and guitarist Armands Cālītis when they co-wrote the song “City”. Group’s first public performance took place in the festival “Rock for independence” in March 1989, the group joined the guitarist Viktors Fedosejevs and sintezatorists Ivars…



  • The last day of the year in which the old women can warm up in the sun, called Indian summer. Folklorist and philologists explain that Indian summer is not concerned with elderly women, and with Bob, folk called a sizable spiders crusaders, autumn meadows knits billowing cobwebs. The Indian summer period is called the East Slavs, Lithuanians, Germans (Altweibersommer). In North America it is…


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