Linga is a Latvian rock band whose lead singer is Gvido Linga . Group in December 1988 founded the former group “Zig Zag” leader Gvido Linga and guitarist Armands Cālītis when they co-wrote the song “City”.

Group’s first public performance took place in the festival “Rock for independence” in March 1989, the group joined the guitarist Viktors Fedosejevs and sintezatorists Ivars Makstenieks . In summer, the group also came drummer Juris Norītis and saxophonist Elmārs Rudzītis . Almost all the lyrics author was Guido brother Igors Linga . 1989 Linga recorded his first album in cassette format, which was not the name. In the early 1990s “Ling” has already become one of the most popular Latvian groups, especially among young people, their best-known song is “Come to dance”, “Tavern”, “Signe melo” and “Here here”.

1994, the group won the very last microphone track survey with the song “Come with me.” That same year, the band released the album titled ” Come with me .” The following group is no longer did not speak on a regular basis and in 1998 was issued “Lingo” the best song selection . After another 2 years in 2000, “Ling” has finally released an album of new songs ” Listen to the wind .” Next, the operation of the group again entered the quiet period until the spring of 2006 radio stations came the song “Wings”, which earned high places Latvian radio charts. The song “Wings” is the next Ling album, which came out time and is not yet known.


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