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March 20, 2010 This is the start of the “Spacious Brass”. After receiving support and support from a landowner, Saulius Trepekūnas, who lives in Norway, has taken musical activities.

The first winter, cold, does not heat the House of Paradise Cultures, settling in the oven, the room, the hands and the fart. Because there was one goal to play, play …

After three months in our community, we organized the first concert to celebrate the Midsummer.

We were quick to see the Panevėžys Rayon. Remigijus Vilis, head of the association of wind bands “Up”, Lithuanian Association of Wind Instruments. He further pushed forward, offered to participate in the Lithuanian Wind Instrument Orchestra Championship, other events, summer camps.

Already in 2011 The 2nd place won in category A was a huge achievement for us. We’ve noticed a little bit of our musical activity, playing for the audience.

In the same year, the “Golden Bird” was presented as a newborn to the star.

Our youthfulness, the desire to play, the head of Hippi is something different. You wanted the play to be a good cart for yourself and for the audience.

We wanted more in the entertainment genre, in the freedom scene, more “SHOU”.

The orchestra musician, arranger, bassist Audrius Baronas, who is interested in jazz music since his youth, has moved in this direction. According to our possibilities, we select works. This style suits and likes us.

In the 2011 – 2014 Lithuanian Brass Band Championships, A-category has consistently won I-II Honestly.

2015 Grand Prix and we became the B-category orchestra.

Since its establishment, we have been actively involved in community, regional, national events, and Lithuanian song festivals.

Our team is happy and grateful to Panevėžys Rayon. Family Hall “Saulute” and its leader Ligita Bileviciene for support and musical cooperation.

In 2015, “Paistiesmeniu Brass” presented a concert program in France, in the Burgundy region.

Perhaps our greatest achievement is: In 2015, we were invited to participate in the LRT television project “Copper Storm” together with the group “Antique Kashpirovsky Teeth”.

We were defeated, the group was interesting, distinguished from others, and we were villagers. We laughed and said, “Will we come out right now, or succeed, let’s try !!”. And with the launch of a good cart, we went to the finale. And here’s the victory !!!

After this project our cartoon got up, we had a lot of appearances. Particularly significant are the music awards “M.A.M.A”, Sea Festival in Klaipeda, Women’s Summer Festival, etc.

For the seventh year, the “Difference Brass” orchestra is vibrant. Our goal is to play the heart for both ourselves and the public.

Head of the orchestra Vytautas Bičkauskas



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