Pasvalys Cultural Center, Piešvišmenių skyrius, Copper Wind Orchestra “Tibidibidach”

   Orchestra leader: Audrius Baronas

   Orchestral category: Category A

   In 2016, in order to maintain and supplement the composition of the Spacious Orchestra “Spells Brass”, November 18th The young pop music orchestra “TIBIDIBIDACH” was founded. Here again and again the instruments and costumes helped our countryman living in Norway, the chairman of the Rogaland Lithuanian Community, Saulius Trepekunas.

    The local village children, led by any musicologist who did not speak, one of the founders of “The Spell Brass”, and Audrius’ trumpet playing the orchestra, have taken the company into daily routine rehearsals. Why the tour? There are no repetitions during the big holidays. The young musicians, who were daily listening to music, quickly mastered the peculiarities of music and formed a good tune and sound for the orchestra.

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