The last days of the year, during which old women can warm up in the sunshine, is called the Summer of the Boots. Folklore and philologists explain that the summer of bobs is not associated with bobs, but with the bobs, the so-called "big spiders" of crusaders, creeping meadows, spinning cobwebs. During this period, the Bohemian Summer is called the Eastern Slavs, Lithuanians, Germans (Altweibersommer). In North America, it is commonly called the Indian summer (Indian summer). In the Pyrenees, Italy and France, Bulgaria and Serbia, the Gypsy summer, in the Czech Republic, is the summer of Cybercafe. Latvians have preserved the old beautiful word "Atvasara" - the summer returned.

Since 1989, Arfredas and Rita Kukaičiai, Rolandas Paulauskas, Romas Gižys Ensemble, Virgis Stakėnas, Odis, Linga, Sezon Dozdeij, Brilianti ot Nekermana, "3-7-Tuz", " Desert "," PR "," Plentas "," Stairs "," Muddobes "," Hydromassage ".

1990s Paul Arlauskas and Saul Laurinaitytė, Petras Vyšniauskas and Arkady Gotesman, Alexander Lyubchenko, NNB, X-brand group, Generalis Burts, K.Remonts, Zig Zag, Dva Samoliota, And Visa Tai What is beautiful is beautiful.

1991 "Daivis", "Diskomfot", "Tamburin", "Nikolai Kopernik", "SBS", "Tigro smile", "Bovi (Marijonas Mikutavičius)", "Old Kuinas", "North Direction".

1992 "En-Den-Du", Ilona Papečkytė, "Noah" "Fish", "Trilistnik", "DBS", "Kopeja Expression", "Nejauta", "Cathedral", "Cross Roads", "The AMP", "Terminator".

1993 Bix, Arina and Veto Bank, Vytautas Kernagis, "Kvadratas "Airija”: the last festival.

2015 Mayor of Pasvalys Gintautas Gegužinskas, who met both well-known opera in Pasvalys and Panevėžys, and well-known throughout Lithuania, asked the leader of the rock band "Laiptai" Henrikas Balčiūnas: whether this did not extend the Bob Summer Festival, or maybe it would take him to revive. After talking to the old one, Egidijus Valiūnas (Kileris), one of the most violent organizers of the festival, decided how long it took to forget that it was. The third person was invited to the organization of the festival - Vytautas Stauga. One day he led the "Alternative" concert company. He organized an ecological rock adventure through Lithuania (13 cities and towns), and in 1991 worked with the group "Nazareth" (Pop Center). Later in 1992 Visaginas cuontry - the first festival and the most scandalous event in the history of the Baltic States (then). Eros Tea, international festival of erotic programs in the Kaunas Sports Hall. Later already in 1994 Bad Boys Blu - Kaunas Hall Stadium. He later kissed the guitar on stage and left his band "Kvadratas" saying "let the music do and organize the younger ones more clever ..."

2016 Festival: "Pajiešmenių Brass", "Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio Dantys", "Lureway", "Jonis", "Night", "Laiptai", "Twins Peek", "Taizels", "Bix", "Pekla", Igoris Berinas with the group. "Huge soul", "Un Real", "Hetero", "Collors of Bubbles", "Stresas", "Plentas"

For the year 2017: „Pajiešmenių Brass“, Jonas Lapėnas, „Tibi-dibi- dach“, Vytautas Šiškauskas, Henrikas Balčiūnas, „Laimingu būti lengva“ , „Un- Real“, „Rebelheart“, „ Golden Age“, „Lingva“, „Plentas‘‘, „ Laiptai“, „ Gin- Gas“

Ambitions are great, the experience, as the proverb says, still does not push the brain, but a lot of difficulties. The stars of the world of brightness say, "We do not believe that everything will be OK and they are reluctant to accept, and sponsors also speak the same way:" You will not come in "- and not in a hurry to open the money.

We still have time to hope that it will be possible for one or the other to succeed in recognizing the motto of the festival - ”kas nebos par „Bobų Vasaro“, tas galės nubraukt sau ašaro. I vysks“.

Copyright © Bobų vasara 2017

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